Viewing Transcripts and Grades on DORI

Beginning Monday, November 5, 2007, current Law Students will be able to use DORI to view transcripts and grades.  Use your MultiPass Account to log in.  Click on the Self Service Banner tab, then the Student Information link, and then the Student Records link. The View Academic Transcript link will display your transcript.  The Final Grades link will display your final grades at the end of each semester. WebAdvisor will no longer be available to students. DORI is available at: http://dori.duq.edu

Bar Results

Duquesne’s Bar Pass Rate Second in Pennsylvania
- Contributed by Richard Gaffney, Esq - Director of Bar Services

The Duquesne University School of Law congratulates the Class of 2007 for its stellar performance on the July 2007 Pennsylvania Bar Examination.  The 91.39% pass rate for first-time applicants was the second-highest pass rate among nine law schools in the Commonwealth and was 6.8 percentage points above the pass rate for all law schools in Pennsylvania. 

The overall pass rate for Duquesne graduates, which includes graduates taking the Bar Exam for the second or later time, was 83.63%, which ranked third in the state and was 5.8 percentage points above the pass rate for all law schools in Pennsylvania, which was 77.79%.  More detailed information on the July 2007 Pennsylvania Bar Examination results can be downloaded from the Pennsylvania Board of Law examiners’ web site.

The scaled scores for the PA Essay and the MBE portions of the Bar Exam also demonstrate our graduates’ command of the Bar Exam.  A combined score of 272 is needed to pass the Bar Exam.  One of our graduates crushed the MBE with a score of 177.9 and had a combined score of 349.  Another graduate aced the essay portion with a 177.998 and had a combined score of 338. 

Duquesne graduates averaged a combined score of more than 304 points, which is 4.6% above the PA average score.  Those graduates that did not pass the Bar missed passing by only 11 points on average.  Three graduates were within three points of passing and two other graduates were within eight points of passing.  If these five graduates had passed, our first time pass rate would have been 94.7% and first in the state.    









All DUQ Takers












PA average




Military Law Society Hosts Event

The Military Law Society, a student-run organization that promotes scholarly discussion of military law and builds social ties between interested students, the law school, and the local community, invites and encourages all alumni to participate in their "Project: Care". Throughout the month of November, students will be distributing yellow ribbons for donations to assemble and distribute holiday care packages to soldiers who are deployed. Additionally, MLS will host Matthew DiGiacomo, a member of the Armed Forces, on Tuesday, November 13, at 5:30 p.m. at the law school. Mr. DiGiacomo will speak about some of the legal issues currently facing members of the military. If you would like attend, and/or contribute to "Project: Care," please contact MLS President Tim Sechler at tim.sechler@yahoo.com.

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