Event Reminder: China Summer Law Reception

Planning to study abroad next summer? Don't miss the China Law Program Question and Answer session, tomorrow, Tuesday, November 10, 4:00 - 6:00 p.m. in the 4th Floor Faculty Lounge, Murray Pavilion. Faculty and students from the 2008 and 2009 programs will share their experiences and answer your questions.

This is a great opportunity to ask any and all questions you may have about Beijing and the program itself. Many photos will be on display and brochures will be available. Hot hors d'oeuvres and beverages will be served! Bring your questions and your appetite!

Pennsylvania Legal Databases



Palawlibrary provides access to several key Pennsylvania legal research sources. Coverage includes Pennsylvania District & County Reports (1977-present), selected Pennsylvania county opinions not published in the D&C, Pennsylvania Law Weekly: Digests of Recent Opinions (1994-present), Philadelphia City Solicitor opinions, and Pennsylvania court rules. Please stop by the DCLI Service Center Desk for the User Name and Password, to access Palawlibrary.com, both on and off-campus.

Access restricted to Duquesne University law students and faculty.

New Online Legal Journal

JOTWELL, The Journal of Things We Like (LOTS)", www.jotwell.com, a new journal providing summaries of books and periodicals under several different legal topics, e.g., administrative law, constitutional law, tax law, etc.

The following information is from JOTWELL:

JOTWELL, which stands for "The Journal of Things We Like (Lots)" and it lives at http://jotwell.com. Contributors write short reviews of very recent scholarship that they think deserves a wider audience. There's more about this in the Mission Statement, http://jotwell.com/mission-statement/ and the Call for Papers, http://jotwell.com/call-for-papers/.
We have an amazing team of superb contributors, whose names are listed in the sections:

  • Administrative Law      
  • Constitutional Law      
  • Corporate Law      
  • Criminal Law      
  • Cyberlaw      
  • Intellectual Property Law      
  • Legal Profession     
  • Tax Law

On the Jotwell main page you should expect new content once or twice a week, although as we add more sections, contributions may become more frequent. Each of the subject-specific sections will have something new at least once a month. In any case, every time a new review appears in any of the subject-specific sections, an excerpt with a link to the full-text content will also appear there.

Legal News Links

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Court ends tobacco company payments in Pa.

Virginia Supreme Court upholds power line plan

Latest Legal Links

U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission


The United States Securities and Exchange Commission's mission "is to protect investors, maintain fair, orderly, and efficient markets, and facilitate capital formation." This is a free, government web site providing important information to the public. The commission performs this duty by monitoring key exchange figures, such as investment advisors and securities brokers, "promoting the disclosure of important market-related information, maintaining fair dealing, and protecting against fraud." The SEC web site publishes critical investment and legal information to ensure "the functioning of efficient markets." The site's "About the SEC" page provides full-text laws & regulations, forms, and additional resources. The site's Office of Administrative Law Judges section provides initial ALJ decisions from 1960 through the current year. It also offers full-text content of noteworthy ALJ orders from 1996 through the present year. These and other highlights make the SEC web site a powerful legal resource.