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New Courses - Spring 2008

2 Traditional Credits (graded)

Animal Law - Deborah Jugan, Esq. (Adjunct Professor)
A thorough analysis of the federal and state laws pertaining to animals in the United States, as well as an overview of current international animal laws.

Military Justice – John P. Corcoran, Jr., Esq. (Adjunct Professor)
An extensive examination of the scope of military justice in the United States and its sources of authority under the Constitution, the Uniform Code of Military Justice, and the Manual of Courts Martial and U.S. Military Personnel Guidelines.

Sports and Entertainment Law – Ronald M. Del Duca, Jr., Esq. (Adjunct Professor)
The course will involve the study of the application of various legal doctrines as they relate to sports-related activities and issues. This course also will address related issues in the entertainment industry. Areas of laws that will be discussed will include: Contracts, Labor Law, Taxation, Torts, Licensing and Media Rights.

2 Traditional Credits (pass/fail)

Chinese for Lawyers – Frank Y. Liu (Professor of Law and Director, Center for Legal Information)
Chinese for Lawyers is a course in Mandarin Chinese in a legal context. The course acquaints students with grammatical structures necessary for effective communication in Chinese, introduces basic legal business vocabulary in Chinese, and strives to give a sense of the culture and legal and business environments in China.

Clinics (pass/fail)

Center for the Bill of Rights Litigation Clinic – David Millstein, Esq. (Adjunct Professor)
A semester-long clinic (in-house) that engages in civil rights litigation and advocacy. The clinic is limited to 8 students and open to second, third and fourth-year students in good standing. (3 credits – 1 traditional credit/2 non-traditional credits)

Environmental Law Clinic – Zelda Curtiss, Esq., Supervising Attorney (along with Professors Junker and Perkins)
A semester-long clinic with the primary focus on representation of residents in Western Pennsylvania who are appellants in cases that come before the Pennsylvania Environmental Hearing Board (EHB). The clinic is limited to 4 to 6 students. The pre-requisite is Environmental Law or Administrative Law. (3 non-traditional credits)

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A particular highlight of LawGuru is the students section which includes a “legal research tools” link. This resource allows the user to search more than 535 legal search engines, providing access to state & federal case law, statutes, and numerous other materials. The “Daily Legal News” page offers the most current legal developments, presented in four main categories: US legal news, UK legal news, news archives, and JusticeDaily.com. Additionally, students wishing to interact with fellow law students nationwide can request a username and password to access the site’s “LawStudentGuru” community and share information and resources with their peers.