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Alcohol Permission

Anyone wishing to serve alcohol at a Duquesne University event must request permission to do so.  An Alcohol Permission Form must be received by University Events at least two weeks prior to the date of the event.  Completed forms can be returned via fax 412.396.6577, email or hand delivered to Libermann Hall.  An emailed response will be sent to approve or decline your request prior to your event.


Pennsylvania law dictates that alcoholic beverages may only be consumed by persons twenty-one years of age and older. It is imperative that any Duquesne University event which has received permission to serve alcohol adhere to the following regulations:

1.   At any such event, the representative of the sponsoring organization must be present during the entire time that the alcohol is being served and must assume responsibility for enforcement of these regulations.

2.   Upon request, legal photo identification (driver's license, passport) must be presented to verify that the bearer is twenty-one years of age.

3.   The alcoholic drinks must be served by Aramark employees and only one alcohol drink per person may be served at a time.

4.   The representative of the sponsoring organization assumes the responsibility for insuring that anyone who shows visible signs of intoxication is not served alcoholic beverages and is removed from the event.

5.   There will be a 10% service charge added to the total cost of alcohol consumed.