In 1911, a newly-chartered Duquesne University - the first Catholic university in Pennsylvania - opened its first professional school. The School of Law sought "to prepare young men, especially those otherwise engaged in business, not only for the preliminary examinations of the State Board of Examiners, but also for entrance into other professions or for admissions to higher courses of study." The idea of making legal education available to anyone with the talent and will to pursue it was quintessentially Spiritan, and the first in a series of "firsts" that would set the new school and its graduates apart from their peers.

We share an ambitious vision

One hundred years later, Duquesne's Law School is respected regionally and has gained increasing national notice - ranked among the nation's top 100 by Super Lawyers and as a "Best Value" by National Jurist. Thousands of men and women have passed through its doors en route to distinguished careers. As we celebrate our centennial, we recognize the greater opportunities ahead. We share an ambitious vision of increased prominence that will benefit students, alumni and the entire legal profession.

Transforming this vision into reality will require unprecedented financial support from those who share our commitment. The Centennial Campaign offers a wide variety of ways to express your gratitude and confidence in the Law School's bright future.