Funding Priorities - Publications

A law school's reputation is enhanced by outstanding student publications. Duquesne has a long and distinguished history in this realm, but even more untapped potential that can be maximized with increased private support.

Law Review: The school's flagship journal, the Duquesne Law Review is operated entirely by students ranking at the top of their classes or earning staff positions through a writing competition. It is published four times annually and includes scholarly works by legal professionals and academics from Duquesne and other institutions around the world.

Juris: Since 1967, our ABA-award-winning legal news magazine has published articles concerning substantive areas of the law as well as matters of local and national interest. Students, faculty and alumni contribute to this semi-annual magazine, which allows students to strengthen their writing, editing and production skills. Juris is distributed to more than 8,000 alumni, judges and bar associations throughout the country.

Topical Journals: Students also produce journals related to specific areas of the law. Duquesne's Business Law Journal is entering its 12th year of publication, and a peer-reviewed Criminal Law Journal was introduced in 2009. Additional funding will support these existing activities and allow for new initiatives examining emerging fields of interest and importance.