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Health Apps

Health Apps


Free for iPhone and Android
This application, developed by Healthagen, seeks to answer the two most common medical questions: "What could be wrong?" and "Where should I go for treatment?" iTriage allows you to look up symptoms, possible causes and determine what sort of healthcare you might need. And, to complete the service, you can find the nearest healthcare providers to your current location.


Free for iPhone and Android
MyFitnessPal, LLC is a great app to help people who want to lose weight keep track of how much they eat, what they are eating, how much they are exercising and how much closer they are to their goal weight. One of the best things about this app is the searchable food database, with over 1,300,000 items, and even more being added every day! Having a food database allows you to keep an accurate account of calorie intake. Other great features include video tutorials and online support. Even your friends can join!

Lose It!

Free for iPhone
The Lose It! App makes keeping track of your food intake easy and allows you to keep your exercises simple. You can share progress with your friends, who provide you with extra support and motivation. Recipes make your calculations easy. The app also provides comprehensive reporting to make tracking your progress easy, and help you reach your goal one day at a time.


Free for iPhone and Android
Fooducate, created by dieticians and concerned parents, takes the mystery out of healthy eating. With this app, you can scan a barcode for easy product look-up. The app tells you in simple terms what is really inside the products that you are consuming, and then presents you with healthier alternatives.

Whole Foods Market Recipes

Free for iPhone
Whole Foods Market Recipes is geared towards cooking with natural and organic foods. This app provides you with filters such as "Budget," "Cooking with Kids," and "Quick and Easy" to help you narrow down your choices. Further individualize your diet with options like "gluten-free," "lowfat," and "vegetarian/vegan." You can also build shopping lists, create recipes from ingredients that you have on-hand, and find the nearest Whole Foods Markets store.

Spark Recipes

Free for iPhone, Blackberry, and Android
Spark Recipes offers Android users more than 28,000 health-conscious recipes. Each recipe comes with fat, calorie and other nutritional information. Users can also search and sort based on diets or special nutritional needs. Best of all, recipes can be saved as favorites and be readily accessible to reference for delicious home-cooked meals.

Mindfulness Meditation

$1.99 for iPhone and Android
This app hosts "mindfulness-based technique for stress-reduction with scientifically proven health benefits. Guided mindfulness meditations written and narrated by Stephan Bodian, author of the Meditation For Dummies." This app includes short and long meditations, ranging from 5 minutes to 40 minutes. There are also deep relaxation exercises to help de-stress after a long day at school or at work. There is no previous experience with meditation necessary.

Relax Lite: Stress Relief

Free for Android
This app is great for beginners wanting to develop relaxation breathing techniques. The breathing techniques taught by this app help promote rest and relaxation, decrease stress, and functions as a sleep aid. The app is also useful in helping manage panic attacks, works in pain reduction, and managing headache and migraines.

Simply Being Guided Meditation

$0.99 for Android
Simply Being allows you to meditate easily with a voice-guided step-by-step approach that is good for the experienced and novices alike. Meditations vary from 5 minutes to 20 minutes and can be listened to with our without music or nature sounds. This app helps you relax completely and provides the benefits of meditation to each user.

Racing for Cardio Trainer

$2.99 for Android
This app combines a cardio trainer with a racing application that encourages and motivates you to push forward and beat their previously set racing times. Some of the different features include a race simulator (tells you how far ahead or behind you are). This app can be further enhanced with its weight loss partner, also available for $2.99 at the Android store.

Nike Women's Training Club

Free for iPhone
This app is a "full-body functional training app" that is designed to help you get lean, toned and strong. The program was developed by a Nike professional trainer, and consists of more than 60 different workouts. The workouts build on the "fundamentals of core and interval training to challenge your body and maximize your results."


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