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Appalachian Experience

Baileysville, West Virginia

This cross-cultural mission trip allows students to learn about the current situation in the Southern Coalfields region of West Virginia by interacting with the community in many ways.

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Time and Date

Spiritan Campus Ministry will be making the trek to West Virginia from February 28th - March 5 (Spring Break)



How to Apply

Applications are only available online. For more information, please contact Kate Lecci.

An Opportunity to Make a Difference

Students will have the opportunity to do home repair for families living in poor conditions (no construction experience needed), work in a local day care, help out at a food bank, run a game night at a home for mentally challenged adults, and serve breakfast to the worshiping community at a local church. This is a wonderful opportunity for students to see another culture that's nearly in our back yard!

Student Reflection

"The Cross Cultural Mission Experience to West Virginia over Spring Break was a very humbling experience, and it opened my eyes to the nearby difficulties while also showing the good in the people I was around. It was shocking to find that an area that is very close is almost a different world from the one that I am used to. Seeing an area that has such different living conditions made me realize how fortunate I am to have what I do, and that not everyone is as lucky as I or anyone else that I interact with daily is. Although, just by looking, one would think that just because conditions aren't as nice as our own, life down there is horrible; but "West Virginians" would say otherwise. The West Virginians were welcoming, helpful and so grateful for the work that we did for them as they do similar work for their community, that they care so much about, every day. The CCME trip helped me realize a lot: I now have seen firsthand how fortunate I am compared to others, how nice people can be despite their lives in comparison to ours and the selflessness of the students I go to school with. Service has always been a part of my life but each time I do service I realize how it should play a part in everyone's lives because, more often than not, others need it and it won't go unappreciated."

Peter Samson
Student Government Association