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The Laval Project

Learn about the history of our bordering neighborhoods, the Hill District, and learn how you can affect positive change through education, reflection, and responsible action.

Touring the Hill with Terri Baltimore
Touring the Hill with Terri Baltimore

A Unique Opportunity

The Laval Project is a unique opportunity for students to learn about the Process of non-violent social change in the context of one of our local neighborhoods, the Hill District.

The History of the Hill

Students learn the history of the Hill, where it is now, and how the community sees its future from longstanding community residents. We will also be learning about the concepts behind the process of justice work including; the See, Judge, Act model, the history of non-violent social change, Catholic Social Teaching principals that guide our work in justice, and our Spiritan charism that motivates our engagement in social justice work.

Gain an Understanding of the "See, Judge,  Act Model"

Students will gain an understanding of the process of entering into a community and affecting positive change through education, reflection, and responsible action.

The process lasts one semester with an event or meeting twice a month

LavalWhen he died in Mauritius in 1864, there were 40,000 people at his funeral. In the crowds who continually throng to pray at his tomb, Catholics brush shoulders with Moslems, Hindus and Buddhists. In 1977, the government of Mauritius made 9th September, the anniversary of his death, a national holiday. April 24th, 1979 is the date of the ceremony of his beatification in Rome. Jacques Laval is the first Holy Ghost Father to be so honoured.

As a doctor, Jacques was known as a friend of the poor. At the seminary, he became a man of prayer. Now he had become one of the poor. In long hours of prayer, God came close to him. He guided and strengthened him, He gave him the courage to continue to trust the people and so become the "Apostle of Mauritius".

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