Fr. Sean Hogan chats with students.about their expectations for college.

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A Message from the Executive Vice President for Student Life

Dear Student:

During your college years at Duquesne, you will take part in a journey of change and growth. I have seen hundreds of students pass through our campus, and watched as they learned to enrich society and serve God. We are rewarded in graduates whose professional leadership is linked to high personal values.

You will study, serve and grow at Duquesne, but you will also live here, among other students who come from a variety of backgrounds. Our University mission and goals encourage you to live in pursuit of:

  • Academic integrity
  • Service to others
  • Tolerance
  • Personal values
  • An open and affectionate view of the world and its people.

By all means seek academic excellence, but also learn to build these qualities in yourself and seek them in others:

  • Dignity and goodness
  • Kindness and inner peace
  • Strong moral, ethical and spiritual principles

I urge you to stay away from substances and behaviors which cause harm and find personal and spiritual development through activities both on campus and in Pittsburgh.

The staff of Student Life is happy to help you, in complete confidentiality, in all of the minor and major decisions you make while you are here. We are here to help you achieve your ideal of personal and spiritual growth.

God bless you,

Rev. Sean Hogan, C.S.Sp.
Executive Vice President for
Student Life