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Carnival Schedule 2014

CARNIVAL 2014- Schedule of Events!

SAVE THE DATE: October 17, 2014- Student Union Ballroom

 Performance pairings and schedule were announced via Twitter the week of July 21, 2014:

1. Alpha Gamma Delta Sigma Tau Gamma
2. Alpha Phi Delta Chi
3. Alpha Sigma Tau Phi Delta Chi
4. Delta Zeta Alpha Phi Delta
5. Gamma Phi Beta Alpha Delta
6. Sigma Kappa Sigma Alpha Epsilon
7. Zeta Tau Alpha

Alpha Epsilon Pi

Gamma Phi

Iota Phi Theta

8. Gamma Sigma Sigma Sigma Nu
9. Kappa Epsilon Phi Kappa Theta
10. Lambda Kappa Sigma Tau Kappa Epsilon

If you have any questions please contact the 2014 Carnival Chairs:

Carnival Chairman Ted Deangelis
Carnival Chairman Adam Wenger
Carnival Chairwoman Cassidy Cooper
Carnival Chairwoman Maria Signore

To donate blood or recruit donors on campus (must have DU ID):

1. Click on search by zip code
2. Type: 15282
3. Follow the instructions for either blood drive date.​