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Student Organization Resources

As the governing body on campus SGA assists groups in preparing their constitutions for approval by the Senate. Groups that become officially recognized can reserve meeting and tabling spaces, gain access to the SORC, and get funding for supplies and conferences.

See the Center for Student Involvement's list of official student organizations or follow the progress of your group's application for recognition using the organization tracker.

Student Organization Resource Center (SORC)
Access to the SORC room will be completely reset within the next few days as we prepare to launch a new card-swipe system. The system, which is located on the wall to the left of the door, will allow us to work more efficiently. Each organization will be allowed to have two members with the SORC room access (one is required to be the President). Your access should be updated within the next two weeks.

**Note: If you have emailed sga@duq.edu to inquire about SORC room access, you still need to fill out this form**

If you need an immediate access to the SORC room within the next week, please stop by the CSI office on the 3rd floor of the Union.

Please remember that the SORC room is for your organization's benefit. We had numerous organizations misuse the resources last year. SGA completely covers all expenses in this room. Potential abuse of this room may cause your organization to lose access privileges for the academic year.


Conference appropriation documents are now posted on Campus Link. The funding provided will only include conferences between July 1st and December 31st. All other dates will have to wait until next semester.

There are five forms and documents:
- S.G.A. Conference Appropriations Disclaimer
- S.G.A. Conference Appropriations Process Outline
- S.G.A. Conference Request Form
- S.G.A. Conference Attendance Agreement Form
- S.G.A. Conference Reimbursement Form

Please prepare the documents and read them thoroughly. S.G.A. Conference Reimbursement Form is the only document that is due AFTER you have been allocated funding. As always, please realize that not every organization may be allocated funding and it is up to the SGA Finance Committee to make that judgment. Specified forms are due no later than Monday, October 6th at 3 PM. Sign-up times for SGA allocations are in front of the office. They are happening on Saturday, October 11th in 613 of the Duquesne Union. Each organization can sign up for a 10-minute slot. For any specific questions regarding this process, you may contact the VP of Finance, Nicholas Hudak at hudakn@duq.edu, or the Finance Committee Chair, Tyler McCardell at mccardellt@duq.edu.

Copy Card

This year, SGA, CSI, and CTS collaborated to introduce a new way for organizations to use the copy machines throughout campus. Each organization will be allocated a specific printing quota and an access code. This way, we eliminate the problem of organizations losing their cards and delaying their ability to copy. Since the process is being finalized, emails regarding this system will be sent out within the next week or two. If you need an immediate access to copy something for your organization, please stop by the CSI office on the 3rd floor of the Union.