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Student Book Loan Program

What is our project?

The Duquesne University Student Book Loan Program is a student-driven initiative by the Student Government Association (SGA) that seeks to assist in purchasing University Core Curriculum textbooks for all Duquesne University students. All Duquesne students take these courses throughout their college career. Mindful of the financial burden students may face when purchasing textbooks, this program seeks to alleviate part of this burden. Students have enough on their mind in striving to achieve academic excellence and we strongly believe that worrying about finances should not be on the forefront.

We are passionate with this initiative because it exemplifies our Duquesne Mission of "serving God by serving others." That is what the Congregation of the Holy Spirit and all of those who are part of the Duquesne community are called to do-assist those who may not be able to repay us. That is what the Duquesne Mission is all about. Our Spiritan Fathers came to Pittsburgh to educate the marginalized and poor immigrant children; 137 years later, these values are still instilled in those who make up our Duquesne community. The beauty and foundation of this project is that it benefits all Duquesne students.

What textbooks will be purchased?

Spring Semester:

  • Quick Access Brief Text (UCOR 101/102)

  • Crossing the Rivers with Dogs (UCOR 111)

  • Catholic Bible (UCOR 141)

  • Religions of the World (UCOR 143)

Fall Semester:

  • Everything's an Argument

  • Intro to Philosophy

  • Anselm Study Bible

  • World Religions in Dialogue

  • New Perspectives in Healthcare

  • Medical Ethics

How to access the books?

  1. A student would go to the Circulation Desk at Gumberg Library and request to utilize a specific book.

  2. The student will be able to utilize the textbook on a two-hour interval, which can be easily extended once the allotted time comes to pass.

  3. A tracking system is attached to each book so we can see how often they are being used and if the program needs to be promoted more heavily on campus.