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Executive Board

2014-2015 43rd Executive Board

President - Peter Samson 
Vice President of Student Life - Franklin J. Giovannelli
Vice President of Finance - Attila Mihalik
Vice President of Academics - David Andexler 
Vice President of Communications - Erica Liska
Advisor/Director of Student Life - Cheryl Knoch

Executive Board Duties

This year, Peter Samson is the President of the Student Body. Peter is the primary student representative at Duquesne and it is his responsibility to attend many of the administrative meetings. He is the main link between the students and the university administration. Peter also directs all of the SGA's efforts to improve the student experience here at Duquesne.

Vice President of Student Life, Franklin J. Giovannelli, serves as President of the Senate and has the responsibility of chairing all of the meetings. The Vice President of Student Life is also responsible for coordinating all SGA activities in the area of student life (i.e. Night of Lights).

Attila Mihalik is this year's Vice President of Finance. Attila is the budget officer responsible for SGA's approximately $100,000 budget. It is the Vice President of Finance's responsibility to advise SGA on prudent financial decisions and carry out the directives of the Senate and other Executive Board members. Areas that fall under his authority include the loop bus, allocating money to student groups and handling SGA's solo and joint financial obligations. Working closely with the University's student groups through appropriations, conference funding and copier privileges makes the position a way to reach the rest of the campus community.

David Andexler, Vice President of Academic Affairs, is a member of the Academic Council (the forum for the discussion of academic accomplishments and concerns). The Vice President of Academics is responsible for organizing the SGA Scholarship, filing academic grievances, and acting as a liason between the SGA and the Academic Council and University Library Council. Should someone have questions concerning the bookstore, the library, a faculty member or academic program, David is the person to see.

Erica Liska is currently Vice President of Communications. Erica is responsible for SGA's publicity, the coordination of student input and participation, publication of the Campus Telephone Directory, and intra-campus communication. The Vice President of Communications informs the student body of SGA's accomplishments, activities, and concerns.

Together, these five people represent the student body at every level throughout the University. In addition, they guide one of the most influential organizations on campus, directing it to address student concerns in every facet of student life.