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    Credentials and Confidentiality Guidelines


    Family Rights and Privacy Act of 1974

    Confidential letters and statements of recommendation placed in the education records of students before January 1, 1974

    • These letters and statements must have been solicited with a written assurance of confidentiality or sent and retained with a documented understanding of confidentiality.  Such letters or statements must be used for the purpose for which they were intended.  All letters prior to January 1, 1975 are confidential and not viewable by the student.

    Confidential letters and statements of recommendation placed in student’s education records after January 1, 1974

    • These letters and statements for admission to an educational institution or for employment, or in conjunction with receipt of honorary recognition, are confidential provided that students have waived their right to inspect and review those materials.
    • Letters that do not include a Letter of Recommendation form indicating waived rights  are automatically considered an open letter.


    University Guidelines
    • All paperwork submitted for inclusion in a credential file automatically becomes the property of the University and cannot be returned for any reason.
    • Neither the University nor other offices of the University have the legal right to release or otherwise disclose records to third parties such as employment agencies.
    • Credential mailing requests must be submitted in writing and contain a student signature and the last four digits of their SS#.
    • Letter of Recommendation forms must only be used in conjunction with a Duquesne University credential file.