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    Researching Employers

    Prior to the interview it is critical that you thoroughly research the company, position, interviewer, and salary range.


    “Doing your homework” with good employer research demonstrates to your interviewer:

    • Interest and enthusiasm for the job
    • Preparation for the interview
    • Knowledge of the company
    • Readiness and understanding of the transition to professional work world

    The good news is that today it is easier than ever to access the information you need.  But this also means that employers expect candidates to have completed this important step and often tell us that there is “no excuse” for a candidate to be unprepared. Candidates that are unfamiliar with their prospective employer are at a disadvantage in the interview.

    Research the Organization

    While it is not necessary for you to memorize every detail about a company, you should know:

    Company's products or services

    Size of the organization

    Location of headquarters & offices Vision, Mission, Values
    Leadership team names & titles Major competitors
    Key accomplishments & future goals Typical career paths
    Recent news/developments Company press releases
    Organizational culture Company history


    Sources of information for employer research
    Industry directories & databases Company web site
    Company literature Annual reports
    Professional associations Newspapers
    Employees (current or former) Trade journals
    Networking contacts (family, friends, etc)