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Your Online Image - It's Important!

Maintaining a positive social media image is imperative and not just for your job search, but also for your professional life.

Many employers utilize the Internet when reviewing a job applicant, so while social media is about being honest and transparent in your interactions, be real, but keep it professional.

Search Your Online Self

  • Using quotation marks around your search terms will help weed out irrelevant search results
  • If you have a common name, you should also add any information you know (the city you lived or worked in, company name, etc) after the quotation marks.

Manage Your Privacy Settings in personal social media

  • Twitter: Make your Tweets private, check the box labeled Protect my Tweets. Limit your discoverability by selecting the box: Let others find me by my email address.
  • Facebook: Review privacy settings and consider removing photos that may not represent you in a positive light.