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Explore Your Interests

Unsure if you’re on the right career path? Trying to choose a major?

On-line career assessments, including the Strong Interest Inventory® and Myers Briggs Type Indicator®, can help you discover potential careers based on your unique personality traits and interests. You must meet with your Career Counselor prior to taking the assessments to discuss their appropriateness and potential value to your situation.

Students may  take one or both online assessments, each of which takes about 30 minutes to complete .  A combination of the two often provides a multi-dimensional picture of potential career interests.

The Assessments

Personality style is tapped by the Myers Briggs by locating your preferences on four dimensions.

The Strong Interest Inventory compares your interests across a variety of areas with those of people who are satisfied in their occupations. The underlying premise of the Strong is that if you share many common interests with persons in a certain occupation, you are more likely to enjoy more of the work than if you share fewer.

Interpretation and planning

Your certified career counselor interprets each of the assessments and then meets with you one-on-one to review and discuss the results. You can now explore the suggestions provided by the assessments and plan further steps.

Next steps
  • Research the practical aspects (e.g., salaries, job outlook, training required) of the various occupations at government web sites such as the Bureau of Labor Statistics.
  • Consider education requirements for the occupations you find interesting.
  • Browse through our web pages for additional information on majors and careers.
  • Meet with your academic advisor to determine how Duquesne University's programs can help you achieve your career goals.