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Signed a Lease, Preparing to Move -- What's Next

Moving into an apartment/house can be a very exciting time, as you'll have a new place to live and a new sense of freedom, as well as a different set of responsibilities. The Office of Commuter Affairs is here to assist you with this process.

Helpful tips to make sure your move is as smooth as possible:

Schedule a date and time to get the keys for your rental property
Meet your landlord at your unit to get the keys, you are able to do a walk through before moving your furniture. During the walk through, take pictures or videos of the entire rental property, especially holes in the wall from pictures, carpet stains, dents in appliances, etc. You don't want to be charged for these damages when you move out.

Rent a moving truck
Rent your truck in advance to ensure you have one for the day of your move.

Buy renters insurance
Renters insurance provides coverage for lost or damaged items due to a fire, theft, or vandalism to your rented property. It is an inexpensive way to safeguard your belongings.

Set up your utilities
Talk with your landlord about what utilities are your responsibility and need to be set up in your name. This may include gas, water, electric, cable, internet, etc. Contact local companies ahead of time to get these services to your property by the time you move in. You may the following to set up your utility accounts:
     Rental address
     Deposit fee
     Proof of identity (driver's license, student ID, etc.)
     Social Security Number or passport

Buy parking permits
Local parking permit for your neighborhood: http://www.pittsburghparking.com
Duquesne University parking permit: http://www.duq.edu/parking
Duquesne University South Side Shuttle: http://www.duq.edu/shuttle