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Note to Parents

College is change, challenge, growth and exploration...new people, ideas, values, freedoms and responsibilities.  You can expect your student to fight the push to let go and the pull to return in their relationship with you.  Your changing relationship will require a new balance. Communication is the key.

  • Discuss differences.
  • Try new ways of relating.
  • Re-evaluate your ideas and ways of doing things.
  • Share your ideas and thoughts, don't impose them.
  • Allow your student to make decisions and learn from mistakes.

The University Counseling Center can help with free, confidential counseling to:

  • Help your son or daughter in their new adult role
  • Work through homesickness
  • Get over the loss of a relationship
  • Explore majors and career paths
When you or your student have concerns or problems, call us and we will help.


Your "New and Improved" College Freshman Returns Home

Well, mom and dad...it's about that time. It's time for your favorite freshman to return home after the completion of his/her first year as a college student. I imagine that this concept is pretty appealing to most parents. Even with occasional weekly visits here and there, it's just not the same as having your son/daughter around for an extended period of time. While this is certainly a time most parents look forward to, don't be disappointed if it's not everything you hope it will be. The college experience has changed your child. Whether the changes are small or large, be prepared to witness some changes when your freshman returns home in the next month. Our advice to parents is really quite simple. When your freshman returns home, keep an open mind and challenge him/her as needed.  Here are some things to anticipate: