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Wellbeing Coaching

What is Wellbeing Coaching

Wellbeing coaching is for students who don't present with a psychological concern that would be better served through counseling/psychotherapy. Wellbeing Coaching is for students who are interested in attaining a degree of balance in his/her life through learning about and practicing a "cross-training" program that integrates mind, body, and spirit. Students will be introduced to theories and practices that will develop each of the aforementioned areas, such as; meditation and mindfulness, physical exercise, biofeedback, nutritional awareness, intellectual inquiry, and more. Students will work with a Wellbeing Coach typically for four to eight half-hour sessions so as to develop an individualized cross-training program designed to improve psychological, physical, and spiritual health.

Contact Sam Pringe for further information and to schedule with a wellbeing coach. Phone: 412.396.6204

Emily Stokoski
Wellbeing Educator

Bio forthcoming...

Chris Molinari
Wellbeing Educator

My approach to wellbeing coaching is based in understanding a client's ideals of a balanced life and adjusting that to the realities of life's necessities. We also assess for blind spots, to assure that the physical, mental, and spiritual life are all addressed in some way. Wellbeing philosophy and scientific research suggest that if these three areas are all suitably addressed in a person's lifestyle, then each area will benefit even more individually. From there, we collaboratively create manageable, attainable goals for the client that over time lead to attainment of a desired lifestyle and trust in the client's ability to continue living a balanced life beyond the course of coaching. All of this amounts to increased happiness and enjoyment of the processes of life. Currently, I am a Duquesne University student working toward my M.S.Ed. in Clinical Mental Health Counseling, and earned my B.Mus. in Music Performance - Jazz Guitar Concentration from Duquesne. Additionally, I am finishing 100 hours of coursework for a certification in Yoga Sadhana through the Himalayan Institute and am engaged in 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training through Himalayan Institute Pittsburgh.