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Multicultural Organizations

Students who are looking to become actively involved on campus, can join organizations that celebrate diversity and different ethic groups.  Visit Campus Link for the most current listing of student organizations.

Some of these groups are:

Asian Student Association (ASA)
"The Office of Multicultural Affairs has been very instrumental in our progress and actions as a group. The personal guidance and genuine, caring nature of the staff is much appreciated by our organization overall." Jachi Lee

Black Student Union (BSU)
"OMA really opens the door for everyone to be a part of our organization. This is an office that prides itself on diversity and that's exactly what our club looks like." Malcolm Carrington

Caribbean Student Association (CSA)
"OMA has greatly aided our efforts as an organization. They understand the need to preserve our uniqueness as a group, while also providing a variety of outlets for us to enlighten others about our culture in the Duquesne University community". Sharifa Garvey

Collegiate 100
"We would not be where we are today without the help of OMA. While we have realized great growth with respect to members, it is apparent that none of this would have happened without the direct help of OMA and the staff in particular. We are thankful to work the office overall". Reggie Cameron

Duquesne Asian Culture & Anime Club (DACAC)

Duquesne Indian Students Association (DISHA)
"OMA has given us the support to explore opportunities beyond our comfort zone, and helped us express ourselves in a multicultural environments." Mousam Parekh

Ebony Women: Women for Social Change
"The Office of Multicultural Affairs offers an immense amount of guidance and support to our organization. The resources afforded to people who choose to partake in the network are endless. In conjunction with providing an atmosphere of positivity and growth, the office also provides structure and a sense of responsibility. I would not be able to lead in the way that I do, if it were not for the Office of Multicultural Affairs." Shantale Davis.

International Students Organization (ISO)
"As one of the largest organizations on campus, the support of OMA is crucial to both our organization and campus community overall. OMA and its staff are routinely available to help as needed as they go above and beyond in the process". Shreya Vaishnav

Latin American Student Association (LASA)
" The Office of Multicultural Affairs (OMA) has continuously served as a source of support for both myself as a student and the Latin American Student Association (LASA). Anytime we need guidance, whether to increase membership or to promote our events, they are always there. Everyone feels like family. They have made my journey at Duquesne more valuable and meaningful." Paolo Polanco

Saudi Student Organization
"The Office of Multicultural Affairs offered workshops that improved me as a leader and inspired me to present my members and organization fairly on campus. OMA taught me to encourage my members to be more active in Duquesne's community." Suha Alkhan

Union of African Students (UAS)
" OMA is made up of a great group of individuals who are supportive in many aspects. The office benefits our organization by helping with organizational matters such as event planning, leadership and self development." Josiane Kadjo

Better Education Through Action (BETA)