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Burgh Buck Chairs

Brad Franjione, Kathleen Rhoa, Catrina Macri, & Brian Tyberg

Hi fam! My name is Brad Franjione, and I'm one of your Burgh Bucks Chairs! I am a second-semester senior Secondary Math Education major. I grew up 20 minutes south of Pittsburgh in Bridgeville, Pennsylvania. I wanted to go into education and I heard that Duquesne had a great education school. I knew it was an option for me, but once I toured campus once, I never looked back. Some fun facts about me are that I can say the last names of the US presidents in order in under 10 seconds, I can say the alphabet backwards, I can talk like Stitch from Lilo and Stitch, and I'm a huge Phil Kessel and Pittsburgh Penguins fan. Some of my hobbies include playing guitar, playing sports, and watching hockey. What I love about Duquesne is just that sense of "home" you feel when you're on campus.

Hi everyone! My name is Kathleen Rhoa and I will be one of your Burgh Bucks Chairs for the incoming class of 2017. To tell you a little bit about myself, I am a senior Chemistry major/Mathematics minor. I also just recently completed a summer semester abroad in Prague, Czech Republic, which was super amazing. When you can't find me in the Orientation office at Duquesne, you can usually find me either in the library trying to be a "good" college student or working at Starbucks in the Union. Not to brag, but I can make a pretty mean Frappuccino!

Hi everyone! My name is Catrina Macri and I am one of the Burgh Buck Chairs! I am a senior Early Childhood Education major and loving every second of it. I am involved in clubs and organizations on campus that surround education and service. I work at a daycare with 2-5 year olds! I cannot wait for the best week of the year - Orientation!

Woohoo! Hey cool cats, I'm Brian Tyberg and I'm a Burgh Bucks Chair! I'm a junior double major in fine dining and breathing (actually Psychology and Sociology, but whatever). I was born in Pittsburgh but I live about an hour away in Penn Trafford, PA. 2 things brought me to Duquesne University: 1) it is a small school with small classes and 2) it is close to home (the 2 most important things to me when I was applying). Some fun facts about me are I'm colorblind, I work at CONSOL (not PPG), I love SpongeBob quotes, Grey's, and Greek life (this low-key sounds like a tinder profile.....) What I love about Duquesne is how I can walk across campus and say "hi" to at least 1 person. Programs on campus like Orientation and Greek Life helped me meet so many people and to be less shy in different social settings.