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Staff Coordinators

Sydney McCabe, Aoife Iaria, Jake Ivory, & Mary Michelsen

Hey! I'm Sydney McCabe (aka Squidney McCarp), and I'll be one of your Staff Coordinators! I am a junior International Relations and Women and Gender Studies double major. I am from a somewhat small, somewhat coastal town in New Jersey! Some fun facts about me are that I have 7 siblings, I am obsessed with French Bulldogs, and I could eat mashed potatoes for every meal. The thing I love about Duquesne is that I feel I have truly found people like me: people who understand and believe in me. I come from a big family so I knew that when I went away to school, I was going to need a place with a strong sense of community and I've found that here at Duquesne.

Hi everyone! My name is Aoife Iaria and I'm so excited to be returning as one of your Staff Coordinators for Orientation 2017. I'm a senior Pharmacy major from York, PA, but I'm always guilty of calling Pittsburgh home. I'm a firm believer that any day can be made better with ice cream, and that coffee is a great substitute for sleep. Duquesne has allowed me to grow in ways I never thought were possible and I've tried so many new things I never thought I would because of the atmosphere here at Duquesne. If you come to campus with an open mind and treat every day like an adventure, there's no way you can go wrong! When I'm not studying, you can usually find me trying out new cafes or marathoning HGTV with my roommates (how can you not love House Hunters?!) Welcome to Duquesne! I can't wait to Bog with you all in August!

Hey, my name is Jake Ivory and I am one of the four Staff Coordinators for this upcoming Orientation. I am a part of Duquesne's Nursing Program and I am in my senior year. I'm from Butler, Pennsylvania, which is about 45 minutes north of the city. I grew up surrounded farmland so I wanted to become a part of the city, however, I also wanted college to feel like home. That's how I ended up at Duquesne. It had the convenience of being right in the city, with the comfort of a private campus. In my spare time, I enjoy going on adventures with my friends, being active on campus through different organizations, and playing volleyball. Duquesne has given me such a wonderful experience. I found all of the right clubs for me and have since taken leadership roles in many of them, giving me experience for the future. I also met many of my friends through these organizations, making the experience even better! No matter how busy I am, I always seem to have fun doing whatever I'm doing here at Duquesne.

Hi friends. My name is Mary Michelsen and I am a Staff Coordinator, or Staff Co, for this year's Orientation program! I am a senior Occupational Therapy major from Rochester NY. Oh yea that's where Wegmans is from, if you don't know what that is you should look it up. I really like to hike and explore Pittsburgh! I hope you are excited for Orientation and an amazing four years at Duquesne.