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What To Pack

We both know and understand that packing for college can be a challenge. How do you know what to bring and what will fit in your room? Well, we've created some advice to assist you in the process.


1. First of all, bring all your basic toiletries. You will probably also want a shower caddy to use as well as some flip flops to wear when traveling back and forth from your room to the showers. You will also definitely need some towels.

2. You will also need bedding. A pillow, sheets, and some sort of blanket will do the job, but bring any other items you use to dress your bed as well.

3. Want to decorate your room? You might want to bring some posters, too! However, don't bring any candles. They are not permitted in the residence halls.

4. When you're packing your clothes, remember that Pittsburgh has a very wide variety of weather throughout the year. If you are not from the area and won't be able to go home to get more clothing, make sure to bring enough to keep you comfortable. If you plan to hang anything up in your closet, bring hangers.

5. What you do not need to bring, on the other hand, is quarters for the washing machines and dryers. One of Duquesne's many perks is that laundry is free! However, you should still bring detergent and whatever else you use to wash your clothes. If you like to have ironed clothing, bring an iron/ironing board also. A laundry bin, bag, or basket is also helpful!

6. You may also want to bring some basic cleaning supplies. We have found disinfecting wipes to be most useful in this category.

7. As far as school supplies, you should bring basic items. You'll definitely need pencils, pens, notebooks, and folders. The rest is up to you and your professors. If you decide to wait upon purchasing these items, you can buy them later at Duquesne's Barnes and Noble bookstore.

8. It is definitely helpful to also have a laptop. If not, Duquesne does have computers that can be used for free all over campus. Having a printer, however, is not necessary. Another great thing about Duquesne is that there is free black and white printing all over campus (even in some of the dorm buildings)! However, if you think you may need to print a lot in color, a printer may be helpful. Also, a flash drive often comes in handy.

9. Whether it includes a television, a video game system, or an MP3 player, don't forget to bring whatever you want to keep you entertained during down time.

10. You may also want to bring some snacks. While living on campus does typically include sustaining a meal plan, you might get hungry or thirsty when you're just hanging out in your room.

11. This also means you'll have to bring a few bowls, plates, and cups as well as some basic silverware. Don't forget some dish detergent! This may also mean you want to bring a refridgerator and/or microwave. Feel free to do so (just do not bring any toasters, toaster ovens, or hot plates).

12. It may also be helpful to bring some basic medical tools. Bandaids and pain relievers are convenient to have in case of minor injuries/sicknesses. If you are really sick, however, Duquesne does have health services that can get you back into good shape. Don't forget your vitamins if you take any!

13. Another great tip is to rethink furniture. The dorm rooms include a bed, desk, chair, dresser, and wardrobe. If you want to bring a small chair and try to fit it, it may be possible, but usually foutons and couches are difficult to fit.


Most importantly, try not to over pack. You won't need everything you own in your room (nor will you be able to fit it all)! Just bring yourself and be ready to start a new adventure.