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General Criteria

Audition Process and Guidelines


There are four main points which dictate the judging criteria for the Tamburitzans audition process:

  • The auditionee's overall talent;
  • The quantity of graduating seniors/departing members and type of talent to be replaced;
  • The type of talent required by the style of show selections which are being prepared for the upcoming season(s);
  • The poise, stage presence, attitude, and appearance of the auditionee.


It should be understood that the Tamburitzans ideally look for performers who are multi-talented. In this way, the performer's talents would be utilized according to the needs of the group and the demands of the performance. Despite this fact, however, there are some performers who will be instrumentalists most of the time; some who will be dancers most of the time and some who will be singers most of the time. Also, outstanding talent in a single, specialized area does not guarantee a spot in the ensemble. For example, the Tamburitzans have little need for more than two performers who are stringed-bass specialists; however, if one of the Tamburitzans graduating seniors is a bass specialist then logically, a suitable replacement must be found.