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Audition Process and Guidelines

Shortly after final auditions, a group of finalists will be selected for interviews with the Managing Director; others will receive notices of exclusion. Before this step of the process takes place, all determinations for scholarships will have been made by the panel. However, more applicants may be invited to the interview phase than are actually needed. Thus, applicants under consideration will not be offered a contract at this time. The interview is intended primarily to discuss in great detail the responsibilities of the applicant and of Duquesne University in the event that a contract is offered to them later. The interview also allows the Managing Director to learn more about the prospective student. At least one parent must be present at the interview. During this phase, students will be informed of the responsibilities of a Tamburitzan on and off stage, and will be asked questions concerning character and personality, as well as to determine if there are any health-related concerns which might prevent him or her from being successful as a Tamburitzans performer.

It is only under unusual circumstances that the Managing Director would report back to the judging panel with negative findings. In that case, a second interview could take place.