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Foundation Relations

The mission of Foundation Relations at Duquesne University is to facilitate engagement with local and national foundations to advance Duquesne University research activity, academic programs, and outreach projects. We work closely with deans, university leadership, faculty, the Office of Research, and development officers to provide foundation-related services to the University. These activities range from identifying foundation funding opportunities, to assisting with project and proposal development, to coordinating every aspect of proposal writing, editing, and submission. We also manage all report deadlines, stewardship of received funding, and liaise with foundations and community stakeholders.

We provide a service that is both coordinated and strategic and aligns with the University's mission. We help professors and researchers turn great ideas into fundable projects, partner with foundations whose interests match the University's, and support Duquesne's research and programming initiatives across campus and beyond.

University Advancement solicits, processes, and stewards philanthropic gifts and grants, and the Office of Research coordinates sponsored research and government-funded projects. Learn more about these types of funding.

For Faculty

Do you need help finding potential funders for your project or research? Do you have a question about foundation grants? Do you need assistance in actually writing that foundation proposal? We can help! Contact our office at 412-396-2629 or

Why should you work with our office?

  • Because writing a proposal for a foundation is much different than writing an article for an academic journal or conference. Many foundation boards consist of lay people, and if when reading your proposal they can't understand your project, they are much less likely to fund it!
  • Because we can help you determine if your project is best suited for a foundation grant, a corporate sponsorship, an internal funding competition, or another type of entity altogether.
  • Because we can help you gather necessary signatures, provide required tax documentation, and figure out budget information.
  • Because Duquesne University is a big place, and we centrally manage all requests to foundations so that everyone at the University is coordinated, strategic, and working together instead of running into each other!
For Foundations

Why partner with Duquesne? The University is distinguished by its mission-driven commitment to excellence in teaching, learning, and research. As one of the nation's top Catholic universities, Duquesne's teacher-scholars create an excellent classroom experience and also produce some of the most important research in their fields.

Duquesne is known for creating an environment that supports a culture of interdisciplinary teaching and research. Duquesne encourages and facilitates creative collaborations among faculty and students who work across traditional academic fields of study. That's why many private and family foundations partner with Duquesne to increase their impact, whether it is through investing in exciting new pilot programs that spur change, supporting top-notch faculty whose work influences thousands of students, or initiating strategic long-term partnerships to achieve mutual goals.

For more information on partnering with Duquesne University, please contact Marisa Bell-Metereau, Director, Foundation Relations, at 412.396.2629 or by email at