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Giving Students Something More

Duquesne doesn't offer a typical college education. It's not just lectures, labs and libraries.

Duquesne provides a distinctive blend of academics that challenge, values that guide, a location that inspires, and an experience that defines. It's an experience that makes each of us something more.

It takes more than tuition to make this all possible. In fact, full tuition covers only about 85% of the cost. Every student, even those not receiving direct aid, benefits from a donor-funded "invisible scholarship."

It takes more than a strong and growing endowment. Investment returns account for only a small percentage of Duquesne's annual budget, and they're restricted to use for designated purposes.

It takes more than prudent management that makes Duquesne one of the most efficiently-operated national universities, lauded by U.S. News and others for providing outstanding quality and value.

Sustaining and improving our holistic education for the mind, heart and spirit requires consistent annual support - gifts of all sizes, from thousands of alumni and friends - with a powerful cumulative effect.

The Duquesne Fund makes the difference - every day, everywhere, for everyone across our Bluff.

Campus-Wide Impact

Gifts to The Duquesne Fund provide immediately expendable operating support that is targeted to the top priorities and most pressing needs facing the University, its schools, and vital departments:

• Academics: Support for teaching and research, educational technology, and library resources.

• Access: Scholarships and financial aid that make attending Duquesne more affordable for all.

• Activities: A vibrant student life that augments classroom learning and promotes individual growth, including hundreds of organizations, special events, recreation and athletics.

• Atmosphere: Safe and well-maintained facilities for learning and living, offering students the unique personal and professional benefits of a self-contained campus within a lively city center.

Duquesne Fund gifts may be unrestricted, providing the University with financial flexibility and stability to address areas of greatest need. Or, you may designate your gift to one of Duquesne's schools or a selection of key initiatives, including scholarships, Spiritan Campus Ministry, the Gumberg Library or the Duquesne Athletic Fund. Whatever you choose, your gift goes to work right away to benefit students.

Every Gift Counts

Gifts of every size really do make a big difference. In fiscal 2016, more than 8,200 alumni and friends contributed a total of $2,629,446 in annual giving dollars.

A $100 annual gift contributes as much to Duquesne's budget as a $2,000 endowment. It would take more than $52 million in endowed funds to create the same return as $2.6 million in annual gifts. And unlike endowed fund payouts, Duquesne Fund dollars can be targeted to meet ever-changing needs.

That's not all. Every gift to The Duquesne Fund - regardless of the amount - does even more:

• Rankings: Alumni donor participation is one of the factors U.S. News & World Report and other publications use in calculating their national rankings. Every gift to The Duquesne Fund helps to maintain and improve Duquesne's placement among the top national doctoral institutions.

• Ratings: Financial rating agencies consider alumni participation in their evaluations, which in turn affects the interest paid when Duquesne borrows for major projects like construction of new facilities. Your gifts, in effect, help Duquesne save money in the long run.

• Reputation: High participation rates build confidence among corporations, foundations and major individual donors in deciding where to invest their philanthropic dollars. What's more, a stronger Duquesne adds value to every degree - including yours - no matter when it was earned.

Your Gift Does More

The Duquesne experience transforms every student and alumnus in different ways. No matter what aspects mean the most to you, your annual gift to The Duquesne Fund ensures that today's students enjoy the same life-changing benefits that you remember and cherish - and something more.

Every donor, every gift, every year - enhances every aspect of the Duquesne experience.

Give our students something more.
Make your gift to The Duquesne Fund today!