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News Coverage for Duquesne

News coverage highlighting Duquesne’s experts and initiatives.

Dec. 7
Failure To Provide Routine Care Brings Lawsuits
Adjunct Law Professor Peter Giglione was interviewed for this Reading Eagle article about lawsuits filed on behalf of the Pennsylvania attorney general’s office against nursing homes that fail to provide for their patients.

Dec. 5
Intellectual Property Problems
Assistant Law Professor Dr. Jacob Rooksby was interviewed by Inside Higher Ed about his new book The Branding of the American Mind, which discusses colleges’ protection of intellectual property.

Dec. 4
Setting a Standard: The New City Ethics Board is a Vital Matter
The Post-Gazette editorial board praised the newly reinvigorated Pittsburgh Ethics Board and mentioned that the Duquesne School of Law is among the public institutions across the city that nominate the board’s nine members.

Dec. 3
Pittsburgh firm’s social media skills help companies identify consumers’ desires
Associate Marketing Professor Dr. Audrey Guskey is quoted in this Tribune-Review article that touts the social media skills of local market research firm 113 industries.

Dec. 2
Duquesne Beats Pitt For the First Time Since 2000
The Post-Gazette included this article about Duquesne winning the annual City Game against the University of Pittsburgh for the first time since 2000. Head Coach Jim Ferry is quoted. Similar articles appeared in the Tribune-ReviewPennLive.com, the Observer-Reporter and the Tribune-Democrat, among others.

Dec. 1
Commentary: The Inconsistency of ‘Cafeteria Economists’
Associate Economics Professor Dr. Antony Davies co-wrote this opinion piece for the Philadelphia Inquirer about “cafeteria economists” who accept supply and demand prices for luxury items, but reject those prices for everyday necessities. The article also appeared in The Korea Herald and the Burlington Times News.