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News Coverage for Duquesne

News coverage highlighting Duquesne’s experts and initiatives.

Jan. 17
Pittsburgh Mills to Hit Auction Block Wednesday
WPXI-TV interviewed Associate Marketing Professor Dr. Audrey Guskey for this story about Pittsburgh Mills mall being put up for auction.

Holocaust Secrets Revealed in Powerful ‘Nova’ ‘PBS’ Film Airing 4/19
Broadway World announced in this article that Dr. Philip Reeder, professor and dean of the Bayer School of Natural and Environmental Sciences, is a member of a team of international archaeologists and professionals whose findings in Lithuania will be featured in the upcoming show NOVA: Holocaust Escape Tunnel to be broadcast by PBS on Wednesday, April 19, at 9 p.m.

Jan. 13
Deans for Justice and Equity Band Together in Support of Public Education
The Tribune-Review interviewed Dr. Cindy Walker, dean of the School of Education, for this article about her participation in the group Deans for Justice and Equity.

Jan. 12
Pittsburgh Looks Good on Camera. But is Pennsylvania Blowing Taxpayer Funds on Film Tax Credits?
Associate Economics Professor Dr. Antony Davies was quoted in this Public Source article about film production tax credits in Pennsylvania. The article also appeared in the Michigan Chronicle, the Pocono Record and the New Pittsburgh Courier, among others.

Jan. 9
Edgeworth Dam Removal Spurs Fish Increase
The Tribune-Review interviewed Dr. Brady Porter, associate professor of biological sciences, for this article about the increase in fish species in a waterway in Edgeworth.

Jan. 7
Mission Simulator Offers Penn Hills Students Lessons in Teamwork, Independence
Dr. David Carbonara, assistant professor of instructional technology in the School of Education, is quoted in this Tribune-Review article about the benefits of an interactive learning experience that gives elementary school students the opportunity to apply what they’re learning in the classroom to the real world.

Jan. 6
PBT College Scorecard: These Regional Colleges Produce the Highest Earners
The Pittsburgh Business Times reported that Duquesne students and students from one other local college have the highest median earnings 10 years after attending college in the Pittsburgh region.

Jan. 5
Mt. Pleasant Braces for ‘Major Loss’ With Kmart Closing
Associate Marketing Professor Dr. Audrey Guskey is quoted in this Tribune-Review article about the potential negative impact of the Kmart closing on the town of Mt. Pleasant, Pa.

Jan. 2
Families Flee Public Schools when Special Ed Withheld
The San Antonio News Express interviewed Dr. Gibbs Kanyongo, associate professor of educational statistics, for this article about an issue in the state of Texas (and other states) where an investigation by Hearst Newspapers has found that a target limiting special education enrollments to 8.5 percent there has resulted in an increase in families having to withdraw their children from public schools and turn to private school or home schooling.