Committment to Africa
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Engaging with Africa

As America's only Spiritan University, Duquesne reflects the mission and identity of our sponsoring congregation, the Spiritans. The Spiritans serve the poor and suffering and work to promote justice and interreligious understanding on six continents including Africa.

A Core Value and Strategic Goal of Duquesne University

One of the goals of the University's 2010-2015 Strategic Plan is a new emphasis on Africa and the African diaspora. This emphasis extends outreach efforts that have been going on since 2008:

  • Academic program collaborations with Spiritan parishes, schools and hospitals in nursing, health sciences, pharmacy, education and theology
  • Charitable contributions of educational, medical and other supplies in Spiritan-served areas throughout Africa
  • Environmental and sustainability research, consulting, teaching exchange and study abroad programs
  • Theology programs through schools and institutes in several countries, preparing Duquesne graduates in Africa to influence the world.

From research and teaching to delivering valuable supplies, these efforts exemplify Duquesne's strategic commitment to service, the Spiritan mission. This website explores the emphasis on Africa and the African diaspora through partnerships, research, studies and service and the presence of African students, faculty and priests on our Pittsburgh campus.