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Bayer School Job Postings

We welcome you to apply for the following faculty appointments


Date Posted:  November 21, 2014

Duquesne University's Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry is seeking qualified applicants for:

Part-time instructors to teach general or organic chemistry labs as well as general chemistry recitations. Both day and evening sessions are available. Minimum qualifications include: Master's degree or Ph.D. in chemistry. Send vita and letter of interest to paterno@duq.edu.

Part-Time Chemistry Lab Instructor

The instructor will teach a 3-hour laboratory section with students who are performing experiments in either freshman or organic chemistry labs. This will involve presenting a mini-prelab lecture followed by monitoring and assisting students as they perform the experiments. The position also includes grading lab reports as well as writing and grading quizzes.

Part-Time General Chemistry Recitation Instructor

The instructor will teach a 2-hour recitation section containing 26 students who are enrolled in general chemistry. This will involve working problems related to the material covered in the lecture part of the course as well as answering questions that students may have. The position also includes writing and grading quizzes.