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Student Employment

Current Student Employment Job Openings 

Graduate Assistantships (Handled by Each Department)

Duquesne University’s Student Employment Program strives to serve students by providing career development opportunities that align with their interests and fields of study.

  • Jobs may be available both on campus and in the community

  • Duties and schedule can vary widely depending on the job

While they work for Duquesne University, our student employees gain more than extra income – they gain valuable work experience that supplements an outstanding academic education!

Apply for an Academic Year Work Study Position

Step 1 - Apply for Academic Year Work Study with Financial Aid   

  • You must apply for work study every Academic Year.
  • Per Financial Aid Terms and Conditions: Federal Work-Study is a need-based program for eligible full-time students. Award amount shown is an estimate of potential earnings and is contingent upon available jobs and actual hours worked. The offer of Federal Work-Study eligibility is not a guarantee of employment or earnings. Earnings are paid directly to the student (not to the student's University account) and cannot be deducted from billings. The Office of Human Resource Management is responsible for actual placement in available positions. 
  • You will receive an e-mail to your DU e-mail account confirming that your work study award has been processed.

Step 2 - Submit an Online Student Employment Application

  • Students who have been cleared for Work Study and sumbit an application by July 17th will be regisitered for a pre-scheduled interview.
  • Select "Academic Year" for "Period Applied For" 
  • If you receive a confirmation screen and a confirmation message to your DU e-mail account, we have received your application.

Step 3 - Interview Process

  • If you are cleared for Work Study and submit the online Student Employment application between June 1st and July 17th you will be registered for a pre-scheduled interview. Pre-scheduled interviews will take place on August 20, 21, 24 and 25. Pre-scheduled interview information will be posted on DORI in late July.  
  • To arrange an interview for an open position, you must come to the HR office in person during walk-in hours which will begin on 

Hired for a Student Employment Job?

You Must Complete Tax and Employment Forms in HR Before You Can Start!

Come to the HR Office and Bring with you:

    1. Original Photo ID, such as student ID, current driver’s license, or other accepted proof of identity
    2. Original Birth Certificate, Social Security card, current U.S. passport, or other proof of work eligibility
    3. Bank account information to sign up for direct deposit