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Employment Opportunities – No Work Study Award Required

Jobs may be available with the following organizations and departments on campus.  Work study awards are not required for these positions.  Please note the specific application instructions for each area.

Career Services

The Career Services office posts openings from Pittsburgh companies and organizations who are looking for students for part-time internships and jobs.

To learn about job opportunities:

  • Visit DuqCareerLink
  • Visit Career Services for individual consultations and advice in Rockwell Hall Commons, Suite 100.
  • Call 412.396.6644 with questions

Parkhurst Dining Services

Offers food service and hospitality positions in:

  • Towers Cafeteria
  • Options Café
  • The Incline
  • Short Stop
  • Take 10
  • Starbucks
  • Red Ring

Stop by the Duquesne Dining office in 318 Student Union for an application.

Barnes & Noble Bookstore

Offers part-time retail positions.

Stop by the bookstore to pick up an application. To apply call 412.434.6626

On Campus No Work-Study Required Positions

Position: Circulation Student Assistants

Department: School of Law

Pay: $10/hr

Shift #1 must be able to work a weekly schedule of Mondays (7:30a-12:30p), Wednesdays (12:00p-5:00p), Thursdays (5:00p-10:00p), and Saturdays (5:00p-10:00p)

Shift #2 must be able to work a weekly schedule of Mondays (12:00p-5:00p), Tuesdays (12:00p-5:00p), Fridays (7:30a-12:30p), and Sundays (12:00p-5:00p)

Shift #3 must be able to work a weekly schedule of Mondays (5:00p-10:00p), Tuesdays (12:00p-5:00p), Fridays (7:30a-12:30p), and Saturdays (5:00p-10:00p)

Requirements: Candidates must have the following knowledge, skills and abilities:

  • Knowledge of the Center's Webpage
  • Knowledge of the Center's online catalog, SOLCAT
  • Knowledge of the Center's layout and personnel
  • Knowledge of office policies and rules of conduct
  • Must be punctual
  • Ability to interact courteously and effectively with a diverse clientele
  • Familiarity with most current version of Windows
  • Familiarity with the faculty reserve and other reserve materials such as nutshells, case books and horn books
  • Ability to work independently following established procedures
  • Customer service experience desirable
  • Must be flexible to work from the start of school until the last day of exams
  • Must have the physical ability to move book carts and lift materials
  • Word processing experience is required
  • Will be required to work all the hours the Center is open for operation

Description: Circulation Student Assistants (CAs) are responsible for providing continuous library coverage of the Circulation Desk. Duties also include charging/discharging library materials and participating in the stack maintenance program, and research assistance.

Circulation Staff assist patrons in a variety of ways, including, but not limited to:
Circulation -
o Assists in charging and discharging library materials to patrons with proper identification
o Makes sure that books are sensitized when checked in, and desensitized when checked out
o Has a knowledge of library rules and policies regarding circulation issues such as reserve material loan periods and renewal limits
Stack Maintenance -
o Routinely checks reserve materials to ensure that they are shelved properly
o Shelves books and participates in the shelf reading program
Information -
o Practices phone etiquette when answering the phone
o Provides library information to patrons asking about library hours, directions, library material locations, etc...
o Assists patrons with using SOLCAT, the online catalog
Greeter -
o Greets patrons in a courteous and friendly manner
o Is available and prepared to assist patrons as they enter the Center

Reference: Circulation Staff provide research and reference service, including, but not limited to:
Instructional -
o Provide one-on-one instruction on the use of SOLCAT, the on-line catalog, and other electronic resources
o Recommend and assist patrons in the use of both print and electronic legal research resources
Directional -
o Aid patrons in locating library materials
o Aid patrons in locating legal information through a variety of print and electronic mediums
Referral -
o When appropriate, refer patrons to other libraries (Including the Allegheny County Law Library), University Offices, or off-campus agencies for information and/or services
o Under the supervision of a Reference Librarian, prepare legal research pathfinders, reference tools and research guides

How to Apply: Candidates should send their resumes and cover letters to Chuck Sprowls at sprowlsc@duq.edu. Please specify which shift you are applying for.