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Emergency Closing or Partial Shutdown of University

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In case of a campus-wide emergency, the official closing of the University is declared by the President in consultation with the Vice Presidents. Such closings are communicated to various radio and television stations for general broadcast.

To avoid inter-school or department discrepancies which create pay inequities, individual deans and department heads will not cancel classes or close a department or school.

In extreme weather conditions or if an emergency condition exists, classes will be canceled and the University will be closed. Only emergency personnel will be required to report for work. In such cases, the following will apply:

Employees not required to work will be off at no loss in pay until normal working conditions are restored or for 48 hours from the date of closing, whichever occurs first.

Employees, who by the nature of their work are required to perform emergency services necessary to the University, will receive their regular pay and will, in addition, receive compensatory time off with pay for those hours worked during the emergency period. Employees in this category who are consistently unavailable for emergency service are subject to discipline, suspension, and dismissal.

Employees who are absent due to illness or accident prior to the emergency closing will receive pay only upon presentation of a physician’s statement or other medical evidence of their availability for work during the emergency period.


When, because of a power outage, alterations, or for other reasons, a department or section of the University is closed, employees unable to work due to this condition, will continue to be paid only if they accept temporary assignments in other areas within their division or elsewhere in the University. The decision to compensate employees who are unable to work elsewhere in the University is to be made by the appropriate Vice President or President.


Employees covered by a collective bargaining agreement will be governed by the terms of that agreement and, unless determined otherwise in emergency situations by the Vice President for Management and Business, will report to work as usual.