FERPA - Privacy of Education Records

University employees are responsible for maintaining the privacy of students' education records, for complying with the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), and for sharing student information only with appropriate and authorized parties.

FERPA training is available and is highly recommended for all employees who access, share or exchange student information.

Most Records Kept Private

The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) mandates levels of compliance for specific information.

  • University staff and faculty may not disclose a student's education record to third-parties (including parents) without the student's consent.
  • Disclosure of student information to other University employees can only be made if the request for such information constitutes a legitimate educational interest.
  • Basic enrollment information, called Directory Information in FERPA, is an exception and can be disclosed unless a student requests otherwise.
  • Before disclosing any student information, University staff and faculty must use Self-Service Banner to determine if a student has requested nondisclosure of directory information or if the student has waived his or her privacy rights to a particular individual or third-party.

Students can select levels of privacy by responding through Self Service Banner. They have two choices:

  1. Permit the release of Directory Information (FERPA default), or request nondisclosure of Directory Information.
  2. Maintain the privacy of their education record (FERPA default), or waive their privacy rights to specifically named third-parties

Students should review the implications of their choices with respect to future employers, scholarships and graduate schools.


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Administrative Policy on Privacy

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