Prepare for Registration!

Before you can register you must meet with your academic advisor to go over your proposed schedule and your current resume. Then, unless you are a first-year student, you register using Self-service Banner on DORI. Advisors register first-year students.

Meet with your Faculty Mentor.

If you have a major in Art History, English, History, International Relations, the Departments of  Journalism and Multimedia Arts, Modern Languages and Literatures, or Theology, make sure you meet with your faculty mentor and complete a proposed registration schedule first. You will not be able to meet with your advisor until you've done that.

Meet with your Academic Advisor.

  1. First make sure you've prepared for registration by clearing any holds and completing all requirements. (See below.)
  2. Declare your major if you have not done so already.
  3. You can pick up a copy of your progress sheet in the College Office (212 College Hall) if you need it to plan.
  4. Review the Schedule of Classes on DORI (click on self-service; student information; registration; look up classes or search for courses) or in the dynamic schedule, or download it as a pdf file.
  5. Next complete a proposed registration schedule by going to the online Proposed Registration Plan Form and write or update your resume.
  6. Then meet with your academic advisor. Go to Blackboard. Select the Starfish tab. Make an appointment with your advisor.
  7. Meet with your advisor.Your advisor will look over your resume and review and approve your schedule, which you will then use to register at the appointed time. Come prepared to apply for graduation if you expect to graduate in the next semester.
  8. Register on DORI (unless you're a first-year student). Check the registration schedule to determine when your time ticket to register becomes active.

Pre-Registration Requirements

Check to see if there are holds on your registration in DORI (click on self-service; student information; student records; view  holds). These could be related to:

Outstanding balances: Business Office, 208 Administration Building. If you are unsure whether or not you have an account balance, you can check with the Business Office or call the Student Account Information Line at 412-396-4301, 24 hours a day.

Immunizations: Health Services, 2nd Floor, Duquesne Union, 412-396-1650

Current Address: If you are not living on campus or at home, please make sure the university has a current address and phone number. By doing so, you will be sure to receive important mailings and messages. You can update your information in DORI.


DU Email Address: McAnulty College advisors and staff use Duquesne University email accounts to contact you about your schedule, deadlines, and to send you other important information. It is your responsibility to read your Duquesne University email account on a regular basis or to forward your DU email to another account.