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Healthcare Ethics Course List

All courses are 3 credits


HCE-642 Multicultural Society and Healthcare Ethics (Gielen).
HCE-643 Ethics of Care (Gielen).
HCE-645, Comparative Religious Bioethics (Gielen).

HCE-648, Clinical Ethics (Gielen)

HCE-653, Genetics and Ethics (Magill).

HCE-654, Research Ethics (ten Have).
HCE-655, Global Bioethics (ten Have).
HCE-656, End of Life Ethics (ten Have).
HCE-657, Public Health Ethics (ten Have).
HCE-658, Intensive Research in Healthcare Ethics (Magill).
HCE-659, Methods in Health Care Ethics (Magill).
HCE-660 Dissertation Writing in Healthcare Ethics, Summer 2016 (Magill).
HCE-662, Organizational Ethics (Magill).
HCE-690, Independent Study (HCE Faculty).
HCE-701, Dissertation Hours (HCE Director).
Ethics Rotations
HCE-646, Clinical HCE, I (Ethics Fellow & HCE Director).
HCE-647, Clinical HCE, II (Ethics Fellow & HCE Director).
HCE-647, Clinical HCE, II Advanced Standing (Ethics Fellow & HCE Director).
HCE-681, Internship, I (Ethics Fellow & HCE Director).
HCE-682, Internship, II (Ethics Fellow & HCE Director).
Courses in Other Departments
HCE-542, Foundations of Moral Philosophy (Cronin).
HCE-580, Healthcare Law & Ethics See HLTM-577, Legal Issues in Health Care (Giglione).