Xfinity On Campus


Xfinity On Campus provides resident students access to more than 90 TV Everywhere apps. Students living on campus can experience the full features of Xfinity On Campus, including live TV, On Demand shows and movies, on their laptop, desktop and mobile devices.

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Accessing Xfinity On Campus

You can access Xfinity On Campus by:

When signing in to Xfinity On Campus, select Duquesne University as your school. You will then be redirected to Duquesne's Xfinity On Campus login page, where you can sign in with your MultiPass username and password.


Can I subscribe to premium channels?

You can subscribe to premium channels, such as HBO and Starz, for a monthly fee (credit card required). After signing in to Xfinity On Campus, click Upgrade.

Can I use Xfinity On Campus while away from campus?

Yes. Some Xfinity On Campus content is available while away from Duquesne's campus. You will need to use TV Go or TV Anywhere to access this content.

Can I watch content on multiple devices at the same time?

No. You can only stream Xfinity On Campus on one device at a time.

I'm receiving an error when I try to view a channel. What should I do?

First, make sure you are located on Duquesne's campus and connected to DuqNet or DuqNet IoT. Next, close and reopen Xfinity Stream and try viewing different channels.

Who do I contact for help with Xfinity On Campus?

For technical assistance, please contact the IT Service Desk at 412.396.4357 (HELP) or For billing or subscription assistance, visit