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Network - Port Activation

This information only applies to Faculty, Staff, & Administrators (not Students)

In the recent past there have been several charges for adding a new computer and printer to the Duquesne Network. To many people these charges were confusing and often disputed. This document explains the new simplified charges and exactly why these charges exist. It will be divided into five major parts:

Network Service and Port Activation

Our campus network supports a variety of devices. Most of us have computers and printers connected to the network. The other devices are our infrastructure such as, bridges, switches, hubs, routers and are the devices that actually move the information around. CTS maintains these products, both purchase and annual maintenance costs. Purchasing these products is a lot like purchasing a car, there is the purchase price, and the cost to maintain the vehicle during its life. In order to equitably distribute the cost to purchase and maintain new connections to the campus network a $200 charge is collected by CTS. This charge guarantees the infrastructure products purchased will work best in our overall network and covers the costs of management and maintenance of these sophisticated devices. Since our campus network is the backbone of administrative and educational information, we must be certain that secure and manageable products are exclusive to our network.

If you would like network service turned on to an existing network port on campus the charge is $200. This would be like buying a new house that has a Cable TV hook up, you are now utilizing an existing installation and will be billed on your account to use the cable service.

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Installing a New Network Port

In some locations on campus there is no network connection available. There are stringent specifications for the type of wiring that can be used to support our campus network. CTS assists individuals in identifying the best location for a new network port based on the environment of an area. A wiring contractor then provides a cost estimate to pull the wiring to the designated location. The cost to pull new wiring varies based on the accommodations in the building. The contractor cost is paid by the department requesting the new network connection.

Putting a new network port where one does not exists has a variable cost. An estimate is required from a contractor and the requesting department pays the contractors fee to install the new wiring. This is like buying a house that has no cable TV, typically you pay for cable installation separate from the monthly service. You must still pay the $200 Network Service and Port Activation fee after the cable is installed (see Network Service and Port Activation).

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Connecting a New Computer to the Campus Network

There is no charge to connect a new computer to our network purchased through the Campus Computer Store. Every computer sold by the Campus Computer Store is network ready.  Once a computer is purchased via the DU Computer Store, a request is placed to the CTS Technicians to setup and install the computer. The computer must be connected to an active existing port (see Network Service and Port Activation and Installing a New Network Port above). This network readiness includes the ability to log onto the campus network, share drives, and print. You will also have internet access, e-mail and access to the administrative systems.

Every computer purchased for institutional use from the Campus Computer Store is network ready, CTS Technicians will setup and install the computer.  This is similar to purchasing a VCR or TV that is "cable ready". The VCR or TV does not come with HBO and CNN but is ready to connect to an active existing cable connection and will receive those networks if available.

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Connecting a Workgroup Printer to the Campus Network

Printers are connected to our computers in two ways. They may be directly connected or they may be connected via the campus network. The network connection enables multiple users to print to the same printer. Direct connects only permits a single computer to talk to the printer. Workgroup printers are printers that are able to connect to our campus network. Every workgroup printer that is sold by the Campus Computer Store is network ready. There is no cost for connecting a new network ready workgroup printer to the campus network, unless a new port needs to be activated in order for the printer to connect (see Network Service and Port Activation and Installing a New Network Port above). The printer must be connected to an active existing port. CTS Technicians will setup the printer and add it to the network.

Every new printer purchased for institutional use from the Campus Computer Store is network ready.

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Network Port Modification and Relocation

There are times when a department or an individual moves from one office to another office or even a brand new building. In order to continue network service for those computers and printers that are already on the network and need service in a new location, there is a $100 charge per device to perform this service. The reason for the charge is simple, you may be moving into a location that has no network infrastructure and CTS must obtain the products pay a maintenance fee on those products to provide the network service.

There are times when an existing active network port is located in an office or room and the port needs to be moved in order to accommodate a desk or some other physical obstacle due to a renovation. This type of modification can be more complicated than it initially appears. The contractor charges for the installation of a new port apply to this type of a move. See Installing a New Network Port above for a description of those charges.

The table below summarizes the costs for network connections. If you have any questions please contact the CTS Help Desk.


Item Cost Comment
Active network service on an existing network port $200 This cost assumes there is existing wiring to a network closet
Install a new network port Varies (usually $120) Cost dependent on physical accommodations in building
Modify or move an existing active port $100 for device moves.
Cost varies for port moves.
If an existing computer is moved to a new location the cost is $100. Physically moving a port involves the same charges as installing a new port
Add an new computer to an active existing network port No Charge
Add a new workgroup printer to an existing active network port No Charge

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