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Print Management

Print Management for Public Computer Labs

As a member of the universtiy you can print from a Duquesne University Lab Computer, your own Computer, or your own mobile device.  Learn how here.


All members of the university receive an annual print quota of $90 = 3,000 pages of printing.

     a) The 3,000 pages are good from July 1st - June 30th each year

     b) The 3,000 pages can be used in any computer lab on campus 

     c) If you use all 3,000 of your pages before June 30th, you can go to the Computer Store in the Union to purchase more printing.  ( Increases are in increments of $15 = 500 pages )


Print Manager Plus printing application for your own device

If you are a Windows user, you can install the Print Manager application on your computer, to make printing to the WebPrint system easier.  At this time, Print Manager Plus does not have an application for Mactintosh users.

  • Information on how to perform this install can be found here.  


Printing from your own device 

Instructions for how to print from your own device using the Print Manager application can be found here.


Please visit our FAQ page for more info.