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Internet of Things

Campus network improvements have just placed CTS in the position to be able to extend wireless services to gaming consoles and streaming devices. CTS will be rolling out a "pilot" program to allow those devices to access the internet. Through this webpage you will be able to register two non-WPA2 enterprise capable devices. Devices like your AppleTV, Xbox, PlayStation, ROKU, etc. will now be able to connect to the campus wireless network, although any streaming devices connected to IoT must be controlled with their respective remote only. We are calling this pilot network "DuqNet-IoT" which has been designed solely for recreation purposes only. Access to internal academic resources will not be provided.

IoT Setup Guide

Click the link below for instructions on how to connect to DuqNet IoT.

IoT Setup Guide.pdf


This pilot network is considered ad hoc and will not be supported in a similar fashion as DuqNet. 

What does that mean for you?

Requests from customers about slowness (or lag during gameplay) and general connectivity issues will not be serviced by CTS on a personal basis.

What will CTS support?

CTS will monitor if the service is up and available only. CTS will only act if the network is experiencing a campus-wide outage.

What do I need to gain access to this network?

You will need your MultiPass credentials and the hardware address (MAC address) of the device you would like to connect.

How do I get the hardware address of my device?

Currently we are working on basic instructions for the more popular devices and will roll those out as they become available. For now, please contact the manufacture of your device to obtain its hardware address or perform a quick "How do I find the hardware address for my..." in your favorite search engine (Google, Bing, DuckDuckGo, etc.).

Why am I only allowed to register two devices?

CTS will be constantly evaluating this service and its impact on the overall campus internet connection.  For this reason, we can only allow two devices per person.  This restriction may be lifted in the future.

I have multiple devices; can I manage my account to add and delete devices as I see fit?

Yes, after you log-in to the registration page you will have the option to add and delete devices.

I'm ready, how do I start?

Just click the blue button below to enter the registration page.

Privacy Warning

Duquesne University provides network services for the Internet of Things (IOT). This network (DuqNet-Iot) is an unsecured open network and should not be used to transmit personal, academic, university, financial, or legal data that is restricted or internal data per the University Data Governance Service Requirements. Duquesne University is not responsible for malicious theft or interception of data transmitted over this wireless network.

Individuals using this network should be sure their device is protected preferably with anti-virus/anti-malware software and is up to date with patches and updates. Duquesne University assumes no responsibility and shall not be liable for any loss of data, damage or viruses/malware that may infect your device on account of access to the IOT network.

This network is for the use of authorized university affiliates only. Anyone using this network expressly consents to monitoring and is advised that if monitoring reveals possible evidence of illegal activity or violation of University policy, systems personnel may provide the evidence of monitoring to University authorities and/or law enforcement officials. You are solely responsible for your internet use.

Internet of Things Device Registration


You must first register your device before you can connect to “DuqNet-IoT"