April 13, 2020

Teaching Online this Summer

The Office of Online Learning and Strategy developed this resource for summer online instruction.
Information related to teaching online summer 2020

April 2, 2020

Instructional Continuity

For information on Instructional Continuity, see Online Learning and Strategy - Instructional Continuity

March 23, 2020

Spring Semester Grading Policy

All students enrolled in Duquesne University coursework in the Spring 2020 semester will be permitted to convert their course grades to a Pass/No-Pass (P/N) grading option. Students may elect this option on a course-by-course basis.

Final grades of Pass ("P") will count toward degree requirements, although students in professional schools and programs are advised to seek guidance from their academic advisors and/or deans relating to professional accrediting organizations' applicable guidelines. Some specific courses in professional schools and programs may not be appropriate for this P/N option, given accreditation requirements.

Additionally, some graduate and professional programs, if students plan to seek further advanced degrees, may not accept P/N grades. Students should clarify this with any applicable institution to which they intend to apply in the future. Credit will not be earned for final grades of No-Pass or "N." Neither the P grade nor the N grade are calculated into a student's grade point average.

Students will have 7 days (including weekend days) after the issuance of each final grade that they receive in May to elect the P/N grade option. Otherwise, the assigned final grade will stand. Further details will be communicated in the future.

March 20, 2020

Spring Semester Teaching Evaluations
When it comes to promotion and tenure (P&T) faculty will have the choice to include or exclude the SES or peer evaluations of any course they teach this semester in their P&T portfolio. We'd like to still conduct the SES evaluations and peer evaluations because we don't want to miss the opportunity to learn from this experience.

We are aware that universities around the country are offering pass/no pass options for grades this semester. We are in the process of reviewing policy options for Duquesne to do the same. I'd welcome your thoughts and ideas on this topic. Feel free to respond to this email with them. By early next week, we hope to have a policy approved and in place that we will share will you and the students.

Summer 2020
There is a high probability that the U.S. will still be grappling with covid-19 this summer. As you are aware, summer and fall registration begins this Monday (March 23, 2020). Give these factors, we feel we have no choice but to move all courses this summer to online. We will be working with deans and faculty to offer our students a wonderful experience. If you are offering a course this summer that you feel would be difficult to offer online-please reach out to your dean. If you aren't teaching a course this summer but would consider offering one online-please also reach out to your dean.