Center for Adult Learners - Undergraduate Academic Calendar

Graduate courses would follow the University Academic Calendar for Fall, Spring and Summer semesters.

Summer Semester 2016

Spring Semester 2016 | Fall Semester 2016


March 29


Pre-registration begins.

May 9


First day of classes for Term 5.

May 13


Latest date to register, change class schedule, and declare pass/fail or audit options for Term 5.


Last day for registration cancellation and full tuition refund for Term 5.

May 30


Holiday: Memorial Day

June 10


Latest date for students to withdraw with a "W" grade from a Term 5 class.


Latest date to apply for August graduation.

July 1


Last class day of Term 5.

August 6


Official graduation date

August 12


Deadline for submission of Change-of-Grade Forms from the Center for Adult Learners to the Office of the University Registrar for students receiving an Incomplete (I) grade in undergraduate coursework from Summer 2016. "I" graded courses for which no change-of-grade is received will be converted to a permanent grade of "F."




Spring Semester 2016 | Fall Semester 2016