Photo of Spiritan talking with students

Information for Current Students: Transition to Bridges

Duquesne University's new general education curriculum, the Bridges Common Learning Experience (CLE), launches in Fall 2021. The general education curriculum makes up roughly 1/3 of your undergraduate degree.

Current students need to know:

  • Any coursework you are currently taking or have completed under the outgoing University Core Curriculum will count toward your Bridges requirement.
  • The transition to Bridges will not adversely impact your progress toward graduation.
  • Bridges will provide students with more choice in meeting their general education requirements.
  • Even though Bridges launches in Fall 2021, current students may be able to take advantage of the flexibility Bridges offers in their spring 2021 and summer 2021 course registrations.
  • Students can use the spreadsheets below to track how courses they may have taken for the University Core will be approved for use under Bridges.

Students are strongly encouraged to consult with their academic advisors during pre-registration for spring 2021 and summer 2021.