Pathways Grant Program

Community-Engaged Degrees: Creating Pathways for Deep Civic Learning and Community Engagement

Community-Engaged Pathways Grant Program

Units (schools, departments, interdisciplinary clusters, etc.) that offer degree programs are invited to apply for the Community-Engaged Pathway Grant. Applications are due on June 2, 2018. Pathways grant recipients, known as "Pathway Teams" will receive up to $12,000 over four years to advance the implementation of two tiers of community-engaged learning within a degree program and to cultivate organizational and cultural practices that are conducive to community-engaged scholarship. 

  1. Institutionalize pathways for students to deepen community engagement and civic learning as they progress in their degree program. This effectively creates community "Community-Engaged Degrees." Students will move from familiarity with the ways a discipline can be used to address civic issues to having the skills and methods necessary to work collaboratively with the wider public to address civic issues. 
  2. Institutionalize pathways for faculty to deepen their mastery of community-engaged learning and to build communities of colleagues who support and foster one another's community-engaged scholarship. 
  3. Institutionalize pathways for fostering organizational and cultural practices conducive to community-engaged scholarship. 
  4. Resource and support clusters of faculty and university leaders (such as chairs and deans) who undertake this form of mission-supportive teaching and research. 
  5. Leverage community expertise and advice when making community-oriented curricular changes. 
Application Materials

2018 Call for Proposals Due June 2, 2018

Applications that fully answer each question and its prompts will be considered. Please limit the total length of your application to a maximum of five pages. Pre-application consultations are encouraged. Contact Jessica Mann, Director, Center for Community-Engaged Teaching and Research to schedule a meeting:  412-396-5893