ESL Students Study At All Levels

Each year the program welcomes students from around the world who enroll at all levels of study.  Some are already accepted to graduate or undergraduate degree programs. Others come to study only English as non-degree, "ESL Only" students.

The program enrolls students who:

  • are accepted to an academic degree program at Duquesne University, but whose English still requires some improvement,
  • are planning to enroll in or are conditionally accepted to other universities after completing the ESL Program at Duquesne University, or
  • are interested in studying only ESL as non-degree students on either a short- or long-term basis

Hear what our students are saying:

"I felt I learned and improYuchenved a lot from ESL. The classes and teachers are all interesting. It is a good place to improve yourself and get ready for your future classes."

Yuchen Ling
Undergraduate, School of Business

Mauricio Headshot

"Not only do I miss the fantastic and easy-to-talk-to staff members, but I also miss the opportunity to meet people from several different nationalities, including Americans, on a regularbasis, while practicing/improving my English in every interaction."

Mauricio Sanchez
ESL Student

Laura Headshot

"The ESL Program has taught me a lot of things. I really enjoyed learning about a new culture, people and opening my mind to new things. This program not just taught me the language, but also that I have a family here."

Laura Lewensztain
ESL Student

"I wouldMohammed in front of College Hall like to take this opportunity to show my heartfelt appreciation for the ESL Program family at Duquesne University for your interesting andinformativeclasses. I had an incredible experience. In addition to the advanced methods of teaching English language, I was given the opportunity to practice and apply what I learn in different activities includingconversation hour and the book club which I enjoyed immensely. That was an invaluable experience."

Mohammed Alnakhli
ESL Student
Saudi Arabia

"This is my second year at Mary PJingwenappert School of Music, and I will graduate this fall semester. In my future career goal, I am planning to do art education.The first miss thing that comes to my mind that was hard was to face a totally different culture, as an international student I need to deal with my language, life, schoolwork, and so on. But luckily for me, I have met so many teachers who taught me a lot and how to fix those things."

Jingwen Li
Undergraduate, School of Music

"Currently, I am studying at the ESL program at Duquesne University. I have had a great experience so far. The instructors are helpful and professional. I have learned and improved a lot at the ESL program. Moreover, the ESL program at Duquesne University provides ESL tutoring. The tutors are very helpful. The ESL program also provides various programs for ESL students to encourage them to meet new people and interact with native speakers such as conversation hour and book club. Duquesne University has five floors library for students. It includes floors for quite area studying and floors for group studying. Also Duquesne University provides a free access to the gym for students to restore energy. I feel grateful that I am studying at the ESL program at Duquesne University."

Rahaf Almusallam
Undergraduate, School of Business
Saudi Arabia