Faculty and Staff

The Global English Institute employs experienced professionals with substantial backgrounds in international education, applied linguistics, and methods of teaching English to speakers of other languages (TESOL).  The faculty includes master's and doctoral-level teachers who are skilled in assisting international students with language development, cross-cultural learning, and adjustment to life and study at a U.S. university.

Cynthia Lennox

Cynthia Lennox
Assistant Professor/Curriculum Coordinator
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Bethany Mueller Iyobe
Global English Institute Coordinator/
English Instructor
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English Language Instructors

David Frey freyd@duq.edu
Barry Howell howellk@duq.edu
Jennifer Kenna kennaj1@duq.edu
Peter Kolenich kolenichp@duq.edu
Rachel McTernan mcternanr@duq.edu
Dr. Eva Wegrzecka-Kowalewski kowalewski@duq.edu