Professional Development Opportunities

Educational Technology offers a variety trainings via face-to-face, webinar, and self-guided formats. We also offer individual and departmental consultations. Learn more about our trainings and how to register below.


Educational Technology highly recommends that all faculty complete Canvas training before teaching their first course in Canvas. Trainings are offered in self-guided, face-to-face, and webinar formats.

Self-Guided Tutorial

All faculty and staff have been enrolled in a course called Canvas Instructor Self-Guided Tutorial. Completing this course will provide you with all the basics you will need to get started building and teaching future courses in Canvas. To access the tutorial, visit, log in using your MultiPass credentials, then follow these instructions to locate the course.

Face-to-Face & Webinars

Face-to-face and webinar training schedules are released monthly. Dates can be found by visiting the following registration link.

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Foundations in Online Teaching & Learning

We offer an 8-week online, asynchronous professional development course called Foundations in Online Teaching and Learning (FOTL). In FOTL, instructors learn about effective online teaching practice as they begin to develop or redesign content for an online course. To learn more, read through the FOTL Executive Statement

FOTL has been received positively by Duquesne instructors and is our primary recommendation for anyone new to online teaching. Instructors with online teaching experience also benefit as FOTL helps instructors take a strategic approach to online course design in order to deliver a course more effective at supporting student learning.

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On-Demand Webinars

Unable to attend one of our live sessions but want to learn more about how you can use technologies to enhance teaching and learning? View our on-demand webinars!

Backward Design Series

HyFlex Series

Other Technology & Pedagogy Sessions


Need help developing an online course or want to learn about new technologies? Our Instructional Designers are happy to meet one-on-one for consultations. Simply fill out the consultation request form below and one of our designers will reach out to you to schedule a meeting date.

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Additional Training

Educational Technology offers trainings on a variety of topics throughout the year. View the descriptions below to learn more about how these trainings can help you enhance your teaching toolkit. 

Promoting Learning through Technology

Keys to Success in Online Teaching & Learning

Learn pedagogical best practices and techniques for designing and facilitating an online course that is engaging, learning-objective focused and promotes student success.

Creating a Welcoming Online Course Environment

Learn strategies for using tools such as Announcements, Discussion Board, VoiceThread, Wikis, Blogs, Journals, and Zoom Meetings to build community and create a welcoming course environment for your students.

Creating Engaging HyFlex Learning Experiences

Learn techniques for engaging all of your students during HyFlex class sessions. During this session, we will examine strategies for promoting student interaction, gauging student understanding, and holding robust, organized discussions. Participants will walk away with several activities that can be quickly integrated into their HyFlex teaching.

All Things Assessment: Effectively Measuring Student Learning and Providing Meaningful Feedback

Learn strategies for assessing student achievement of learning objectives, choosing the appropriate tools to facilitate those assessments, and providing feedback that helps students improve their performance.

Supporting Student Success

Learn best practices for supporting your students' success in an online course. This webinar will focus on building community, establishing effective communication methods, as well as highlight the student resources and support services available at Duquesne.

Backward Design Series

In this three-part series, faculty will be taken through the backward design process, starting with course learning objectives and best practices in course design and continuing through the process of assessing students and designing learning activities that both engage and help students practice and master the skills outlined by the learning objectives. If you've been interested in but have not had the chance to participate in the Foundations in Online Teaching & Learning (FOTL) course, then this series is for you!

Educational Technology Tools

Getting Started with Canvas

During this Canvas workshop or webinar training, participants will learn how to design a course in Canvas. Review the Canvas layout and navigation. In addition, participants will learn how to communicate with their students via announcements and emails, upload and organize content using modules and pages, create discussions and assignments, and learn the features of the gradebook.

Moving from Canvas Classic Quizzes to Canvas New Quizzes

In this webinar, participants will learn how to move from Canvas's Classic Quizzing to New Quizzes. Participants will also learn how to create New Quizzes and the various quiz question types and become familiar with the New Quizzes item banking feature. (Please attend a Canvas Training before registering for this webinar)

Engaging Students with Canvas Studio

Learn how to use Canvas Studio to record your computer screen and webcam, add outside media, and share Studio videos with students through Canvas.

Getting Started with Zoom

Learn foundational skills for using Zoom Meetings to conduct synchronous, online class sessions. Experience Zoom from the student perspective while learning how to schedule sessions and use various Zoom tools to engage students.

Beyond the Lecture: Engaging Students with Zoom

During this interactive webinar, experience Zoom's interactive tools and learn how they can be used to engage students. Attendees will participate in activities using Zoom's Breakout Rooms, Polls, and Whiteboard Annotation features while learning techniques in which these interactive tools can be used to enhance student engagement and learning.

Creating & Sharing Videos through MyMediasite

Through this hands-on workshop, learn how to use MyMediasite to record your computer screen and webcam, store recordings to a MyMediasite account, and share recordings with students through Blackboard.

Engaging & Assessing Students with Nearpod

Through this hands-on workshop, learn how to create interactive Nearpod lessons that include presentation slides, web content, videos, audio, virtual field trips, polls, quiz questions, and other assessment tools to engage students and measure their level of understanding.

Increasing Student Interaction with VoiceThread

Through this hands-on workshop, learn how to use VoiceThread to record mini-lectures, conduct class introductions, and hold asynchronous voice discussions with your students. Attendees will participate in VoiceThread as students by posting comments and creating their own VoiceThread presentations.