Scantron Test Scoring

In order to expedite the scanning process, please follow the steps below.  If there are errors or problems with the exams, they will be returned to the instructor for corrections.  

1. Make certain Scantron answer keys and student sheets are properly bubbled.  See the links below each example.  

RED Instructions BLUE Instructions

2. Complete a Scantron COVER SHEET and include it with the answer key and student tests.
One (1) cover sheet per exam is required.

3. Deliver to 211 Canevin Hall in an interoffice envelope labeled with the instructor's name.  The Office of Classroom Technologies will then score the exams.

BLUE sheets will be processed within an hour of drop-off.  Training will be provided if you wish to scan the exams yourself.

RED sheets will be processed within 24 hours.  Once RED sheets are scored, seven (7) reports will be emailed to the instructor.  Reports include the Roster Report with Raw Score in Excel and six others in PDF format.  The naming structure is as follows:

Class Response Report:  CRR
Item Analysis Report:  IAR
Roster Report with Percent Score:  RRP
Roster Report with Raw Score:  RRR (Excel)
Score Distribution Histogram:  SDH
core Distribution Percentile: SDP
Student Test Report: STR 

The Email notification will also indicate the exams are ready to be picked up from 211 Canevin Hall.   

The OCT does not provide Scantron forms.  Each department is responsible for the purchase of their own forms.  Scantrons can be purchased at cost from the Scantron website.  Click for ORDERING INFORMATION.